Dusty Bag Oldies
DJ Mike Mahaf

Since 1955 when I heard Bill Haley & The Comets playing Crazy Man Crazy-I was hooked on the music. Since then I have been collecting records and old rare sound, group sounds, acapella and new retro doowop. No radio stations play what I play at least no commerical radio stations- That is why I play the great lost sounds that are abound with warmth, true vocalization without too much electronic enhancement.  Hear the REAL talent of the artists not the board engineers.  I give airtime to aritsts that were never credited for their artistry and talents nor compensated for their records.   


You can also listen to our internet broadcasting station 24/7 where you can hear our wide array of songs we have amasssed over the past 50 years.  


Dusty bag Oldies


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